Top 10 Flea Markets In Delhi

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1.Dilli Haat

Stepping into this place takes you back to the beautiful villages India is all about. The mesmerising variety of handicrafts at prices that will make your heads turn is Dilli Haat for you! And after a good round of bargaining and shopping for all that you came for, it is amazing to sit down for a delightful cup of tea. Delicacies from the different states of India bombard your taste buds and it is hard to actually choose from such a wide range of dishes.

USP: The hot sun on cold winter days with Dilli Haat for company is the shopaholic’s prescription for this place!

Hours of operation: 10 AM to 10 PM

2. Sarojini Nagar

Nestled in Southern Delhi, Sarojini Nagar has been immortalized by Bollywood songs pretty vividly over the years! This place is about A-label fashion brands at prices that will make your heart smile. A good bargain is the name of the game. The fashion-conscious and the price-conscious hit the streets of Sarojini for a deal they will tell everyone about! In many ways, Sarojini Nagar is the Delhi of old.

USP: Great bargaining power while also being spoilt for choice!

Hours of operation: 11 AM- 8 PM

3. Greater Kailash

Shoppers savour the combination of things on offer here. Great prices with a lot of room for bargaining, momos to kill for, pubs to unwind in style and exclusive showrooms for the especially picky shopper! Something for everyone in the M-block and N-block of Greater Kailash!

USP: We have heard about really good rolls on offer here too!

Hours of operation– 10 AM- 10 PM (closed on Tuesdays)

4. Janpath

The sights and sounds of this place are enough to make you come back here every time. Souvenirs, clothes, handicrafts, designer items etc. with jaw-dropping bargaining margins is the name of the game here at Janpath. It makes sense to hold on longer in trying to get the least possible bargained price for you. Be ready to be floored by the gamut of choices on offer!

Hours of operation: 11 AM to 7.30 PM every single day!

5. Khan Market

Khan Market is comprehensive in the choices it doles out. Apparel, Footwear, Electronics and great food come easy for this place which is a popular haunt for Delhiites. The prices aren’t the lowest ones flying around but decent enough to keep us interested. The choices across all categories are pretty fresh which makes it a must-visit for shoppers willing to ‘shop till I drop’!

USP: Cakes and brownies here are a must-try after a marathon shopping spree!

Hours of operation: 11 AM- 9 PM (some parts of Khan Market are closed on Sundays)

6. Palika Bazaar

This place ticks all the boxes! Located at Connaught Place and an air-conditioned ambience to go with, the place becomes a year-round favourite for shoppers looking for a great deal. It’s also no big deal with shoppers bargaining out of their skins to walk out with scores of bags at the end of it all! Apparel or electronics, handicrafts or accessories there is everything here you can imagine or desire as a shopper!

USP: We learn that repair services offered here are also highly rated.

Hours of operation: 10 AM-6 PM (They never shut shop on any day)

7. Khari Baoli

Your imagination sets sail when the aroma regales you as soon as you enter Khari Baoli. The overwhelming choice of spices from the largest wholesale spice market on Planet Earth makes you go crazy! Truly spicing up your spice shopping needs are the closely placed shops vying for your attention. There is a luxury of choices here at Khari Baoli which effortlessly blends days of yore with the days of new!

USP: They even have Ayurvedic medicines on offer apart from the mind-numbing spice varieties!

Hours of operation: 11 AM- 7.30 PM (Sundays are off)

8. Karol Bagh

Affordable luxury at one of Delhi’s more popular shopping hubs! The Ghaffar Market, Arya Samaj Road and Bank Street are Karol Bagh for you. Its welcoming aura does give a shopper the feeling of being at ease. It is a place known for its bridal collection items with easy prices.

USP: The choices of books and electronic items too are huge here!

Hours of operation: 8 AM – 9 PM (Never an off-day)

9. Chandni Chowk

This place is a filmmakers dream! And then, there are also their prices which is the lowest going around because markets here are wholesale. There is so much to be had, so much to be felt and so much to be bargained for here at Chandni Chowk! And after a long hard day spent shopping your heart out, the street food from the iconic Paranthe Wali Galli makes your day!

USP: A maddening array of choices for anything you wish to buy, except aeroplanes!

Hours of operation: 10 AM to 8 PM (shutters down on Monday)

10. Kamla Nagar

The Bungalow road around Hansraj College is the Kamla Nagar market teeming with youngsters. Being surrounded by scores of educational institutions, students particular about their food and fashion frequent this shopping hub for great choices with varying price ranges. Ladies have taken to Kamla Nagar markets in a big way with its sheer choice of items. Premium apparel is also something people have vouched for at Kamla Nagar!

USP: This place has something for everyone. Period.

Hours of Operation: 10 AM to 10 PM (Monday is rest day)