Top 10 shows from the 90s that will take you to your childhood…

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As essentially being the 90s kid, I have grown up watching a handful of TV programmes. We didn’t have the 24-hour cartoon channel back then. We would eagerly wait for that one day of the week when we can catch up with our favourite show. We have pulled out a list of 10 best ones

1. The Zee horror show


This one show surely spooked the hell out of us. This was the first introduction of what Ghosts could be like to us. Sending us into a tizzy when alone. So much so that this how was responsible to fear to stay alone at home. Not to forget how much we had to hide from parents and watch and then be scared of nothing.

2. Dekh Bhai Dekh

dekh bhai dekh

This super duper family comedy show was a thorough entertainer. Shekhar Suman in his youth and Sushma Seth just rocked the entire show. It was a fun riot we used to wait for.

3. Hip Hip Hurray


This one was one of our favourite school shows often leading us to daydream. Life may not be as cool as it was shown but that half an hour would take us in another world.

4. Hum Paanch

hum punch

The debut show of our Bollywood star ‘Vidya Balan’ was a rocker in its genre. The laugh riot these 5 sisters would create made it a hugely successful family show. This one surely had the approval of our parents.

5. Mahabharat


This mythological show did enjoy the greatest no. Of audiences of all times. None of the later versions could give even close competition to this. This show gave us our share of education of our mythological heroes Arjuna, Duryodhana, Yudhisthir, Bhim, Draupadi, Dhritrashtra and many more. These characters still find a mention in our preachy conversations.

6. Shaktimaan


From Toddlers to teens, this one was a favourite with inspiration taken from Spiderman. How this reporter would roll and become the powerful Shaktimaan protecting “India “ from everything evil.

7. CID


This epic show with ACP Pradyuman and other epic characters is still aired. This gave us major CID life goals. So much so that at some of the other point while watching this we have aimed to be a CID officer.

8. Tu Tu Main Main

This comedy satirical show of sweet and sour relationship between a Mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law had many fans. A clean comedy show was something we waited for.

9. Philips Top 10

Phillips 10

We didn’t have the 24-hour music channels nor the internet back then so our dose of new music was the weekly Philips Top 10. We would eagerly wait for Friday Nights to satiate our hunger for new music.

10. Antakshari


One family entertainer, again aired on Friday evenings, was something we would wait for. With this show, anchors Annu Kapoor and Pallavi Joshi shot to fame and are still popular as one of the greatest actors of all time. Not to forget the teams Deewane, Parwaane and Mastaane battling out the music games to win prizes.

We hope this list surely made you travel to your childhood. We were totally in another world and feeling nostalgic while writing this. Were you too?? Please like, comment and share and lemme know if this tickled the child inside you. Please write to us as we can’t wait to hear from you.