Tough looks, but kind hearts are on a mission to save animals!

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Imagine a tough body builder and a swagger, with multiple piercings, tattooed all over, and riding a huge swanky bike! The vision itself is intimidating enough and we would certainly keep a distance from someone similar in real life. But, it is rightly said, outward appearance can be deceptive.Don’t be judgemental if you come across such a swagger biker gang in New York! They are not out to create a ruckus, but to save animals!

Rescue Ink on a mission to save animals:


Rescue Ink is a non-profit organization in New York, with most of its members being these tough built intimidating bikers who are set to break the stereotypes. These members comprise of thepowerlifting champions,ex-bodybuilders, former military personnel, police detectives, and even lawyers. Their organization mostly runs on the basis of donations and they pursue their mission to save animals from the abuse by fully abiding the law and cooperating with the police. They just investigate a case of animal abuse and if found guilty, they forward the case to the police.

The team of Rescue Ink receives about 250 calls and more than 1000 emails from different people every day to save animals from different kinds of abuse. There are people who do not take proper care of pets or involve in dog fights and even try to poison homeless cats. Since the day they have established themselves, the teams has saved dogs, cats, chickens, horses, pigs, and fish, along with a 5-foot boa constrictor!

The ideology of Rescue Ink:


The members of Rescue Ink vouch for their looks and feel that their tough looks help them to create an impact and deal with a cruel pet owner. They have even said that although several people consider them as Superheroes but they are happy to be acknowledged as Super dog lovers. Apart from their mission to save animals, they also actively participate in elucidating the hazards of animal abuse and carry out awareness campaigns. They believe that animal abuse caters violence which in turn can reflect on the human life as well. If their wrongdoings are neglected they get further impetus to become violent towards the larger section of society, hence the wrongdoings need to be immediately booked and corrected.

These strong built and soft hearted people are anonymous to coconuts which have a tough shell and incredibly sweet kernel. Hats off to these dashing men brigade, who are devoted  to such a noble cause. Save animals!



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