10 travel pro tips for the nomads to save money while travelling

10 travel pro tips for the nomads to save money while travelling
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Travel lovers out there! Are you suffering from wanderlust off late? Does the pocket permit you to fulfil your peripatetic desires? If no, don’t lose hope! We have done an extensive survey and got you some pro tips to travel hard and yet save money while travelling. Scroll down!

1.Go for the shoulder season!

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It is a jargon extensively used in the travel industry. It is the time between the peak season and the off season. Usually the period from April through mid-June and September through October is categorized as the shoulder season. Of course, you might miss on certain perks of the peak season like the weather, festivals pertaining to the time and some cuisines. But, you can save money while travelling and avail some scheme as the fares for travel and accommodation will be pretty low.

2. Book a ticket on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

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This is no thumb rule but must be surely considered while you book your flight tickets. Usually the airline companies use algorithm based on several factors like the weekends or the holidays to calculate the air fare. Usually the demand rises during the weekend and it is quite a possibility that you might avail the lowest fare by booking a flight mid-week.

3. Avoid a plush stay

If you are an avid traveler, luxurious stay must never be on the list. You can save money while travelling by opting for Airbnb, OYO, Treebo and refer to many such portals for booking a budget room. You can get a clean room with a decent breakfast by not burning a hole to your pocket. This even allows you to stay longer and explore more.

4. Be tad impulsive!

If you call yourself a travel nomad, you must have you backpacks ready! Its not an everyday scene that you get last minute flights or travel deals cheap, but it is also not a fib! There miscalculations going on in the word and if you are filthy lucky, you might just lay your hands on a travel deal or flight tickets available at throwaway prices. Be impulsive and get going!

5. Ditch the flight

Flight should be a necessity when you are running short of time and if time is not an issue, save your money on the expensive flights and book train, bus or other cheap conveyance tickets. Road travel allows you to explore the beauty of nature and the diversity in the places around. You can savor the journey rather than wait to reach your destination to have fun.

6. Pack your food!

You can save moneywhile travelling if you carry some food along. Usually the food items sold on flights or airports are less in quantity and more in cost. You can go light on your clothes and carry some ready to eat packets, even tea bags and foodstuff with a longer shelf life to fill your tummies and not empty your wallets!

7. Stay hydrated the cheaper way

gmail Always carry your own water bottle so that you can avoid buying packaged mineral water which is at times sold higher than the MRP at several places. Water filters and water fountains are easily available these days and you can choose to refill your bottle to save money while travelling.

8. Go Dutch!

You can go Dutch while you are commuting or having food or while looking or an accommodation. You can easily share the expenses in every little thing when you are travelling with friends or in a group. Also, when you are travelling solo, bid goodbye to shyness and share cabs or choose a hostel to share room and go Dutch with other fellow traveler while having food.

9. Shopaholics must practice restraint!

Shopaholics usually lose control and end up buying stuff which they even get at their own places and maybe at a much cheaper rate. But the buying spree, ends up burning a hole in your pocket which you regret later. So, condition your mind and indulge only if your buying a rare commodity with its availability limited only to that place.

10. Exploit the wi-fi

Usually all the hotel rooms including the cheap accommodations provide free wi-fi. Use it liberally to make calls, send messages and communicate especially when your roaming calls and messages are chargeable.  This way you can considerably save money while travelling!

Never crush your wanderlust because it makes you feel even worse. Instead go light on wallets and smartly plan a budget travel and then even sky is not the limit!


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