Trending Tattoos for Men!! Check them out!!!

Trending Tattoos for Men!! Check them out!
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Hey Guys! Almost made up your mind for getting a cool tattoo on your body, but not sure of what and where to get it done? Well, since the tattoo is going to be an eternal part of your body, it is very important to decide on what do you want to showcase or communicate by means of your tattoo! Tattoo, although a mere design, can speak a thousand words and reveal your true character or personality. Tattoos can be etched on your body to simply look cool or showcase your love for someone. A tattoo can also be used to signify your life’s mission statement or your religious beliefs. To cut a long story short, every tattoo has a unique story to tell!

Scroll down to check some of the most amazing and trending tattoo designs for men. You can thank us later!

# mall tattoos for men:

When you are new to the world of ink, it is better to go for small ones to begin your journey. You can opt for a wrist tattoo as shown in the picture. It is a pretty decent spot and the tattoo to looks tidy and precise. It certainly vouches for your wanderlust!

Also, a modest silhouette of a dove with its wings spread out can convey a lot about your love for freedom and your desire to fly ceaselessly!

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If minimalism enthralls you, there are several unending options as far as the small tattoos for men are concerned. You can get your date of birth or year inked. Also, you can choose to carve several miniature tattoos on different parts of your body like the fingers. And, if you are someone who loves music, a simple music note or your favorite music instrument can look great on the wrist or even your ankle.

# Chest tattoos for men:

Men who are into bodybuilding love to flaunt their chest whenever and wherever possible. Also, if you are someone who is into sports or loves to go for a swim, chest tattoos for men make an incredible bragging embellishment. When we talk about chest tattoos for men, massive tattoos are not the only way to flaunt your manliness. If you keep it small and spruced up, it does convey a lot of elegance, as showcased in the picture underneath. It could be a small symbol or a meaningful quote to entice the women when taking off your shirt!

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And, if you are the flamboyant kind, you can use your chest as a canvas to showcase some extravagant designs. For example, check out the following picture.  You can see two tigers facing each other which depicts enormous strength and power. You can go for a similar tattoo casing your entire chest. It is sure to grab many eyeballs when you remove your t-shirt

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# Eagle Chest Tattoo

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You can also opt for an eagle tattoo on the chest that represents courage and focus. This symbol will be with you through thick and thin. It is one of the great tattoo ideas for men with meaning, indicating several connotations from strength and purity to power and triumph. You can choose to spread your eagle’s wings across your torso or emphasize more on just the bird’s eyes.

# Forearm tattoos for men:

Forearm tattoos for men are the most popular ones of late. Forearm is best suited for the versatile placements for tattoos. You would be able to see your ink every day, and you can also flaunt it to others or just cover it with a shirt if need be. The forearm is an ideal position to ink a meaningful tattoo. There are endless options, right from detailed sleeve artwork to some modest designs. And more importantly, if it’s your first-ever tattoo then forearm is one of the least painful parts of your body to bear the brunt of the needle. There is a plethora of fab inking options. Choose the one that depicts your aptly.

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A sleeve tattoo on the forearm, also known as a half-sleeve is undoubtedly one of the bold body art choices. You are sure to command attention regardless of the design you get inked. You can also choose to combine several different art styles like some shading, flowers, or some random designs to connect the separate tattoos. Also, the forearm sleeve makes a great option to show off a massive yet intricate design viz. a tribal pattern, portrait, forest, or a religious tattoo.

You can choose any portion of your forearm, the inner part or the outer part to exhibit a subtle art or even something flashy. A simple symbol like cross too can look classy. You can etch your own name or the name of your loved one in any language for the world to see.

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Dragons are a common yet the most loved tattoo choice. The design showcasing the curved body and wings of a dragon look arresting especially when inked on the forearm. So, if you have zeroed down on the dragon tattoo, then you have a lot of amazing choices when it comes to the art style. Japanese, Chinese, and Celtic dragons all look different, but each one of these styles has an exclusive appeal.

# Shoulder tattoos for men:

If you are the ones who frequently like to go shirtless or wear tank tops, then shoulder tattoos for men make a great choice.  Also, you can flaunt your inked shoulder when you are off for a swim. And, if you wish, you can hide it well when you are in the professional zone or in the company of judgmental family members.

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You can go for an enormous bold design like that of a roaring lion. With this tattoo, you can give out a strong message of being the king of your own life just like this king of the jungle. Another extravagant design is that of playing cards in combination with roses. This design arouses curiosity and indicates mystery, so it can leave your viewers deciphering your personality!

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Shoulder placement is also great to showcase your religious beliefs. As you can see in the above picture, the shoulder is eloquently utilized to depict Lord Ganesh along with some Sanskrit verses spreading across the chest. And if you are a minimalist, you can go for a modern depiction of Sun which ironically emits some cool vibes.

# Tattoos for men with meaning:

For the men, who go beyond the randomness, there are a lot of tattoo options that convey a profound meaning. There are men with every taste and arbitrary designs need not be everybody’s cup of tea. So, you can choose to depict something that you truly believe in, like your never-ending faith or your religious inclination or the mantra of your life.

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You can get an angel inked that symbolizes devotion, faith, and spirituality, and implies your undying relationship with God. Angel tattoo designs are incessantly becoming popular, as they are envisioned as a symbol of protection and guidance. You can see the picture in which the angel with wings and two doves are beautifully tattooed on the shoulder.

Crown is another good option considering the tattoos for men with meaning. It signifies an individual’s authority over their life, beliefs, decisions, and performance. Also, the crown is a subtle reminder to use power and authority prudently and reasonably. It certainly doesn’t signify the power or the right to command another person.

After a lot of extensive research, our team at Gossip kiGalliyan have fished out some of the best tattoos for men, amidst the perplexing sea of options available. Refer to these tattoo ideas and trust your instinct. Once decided, don’t wonder, just go for it!