Tribute to Sridevi we laid to rest a beautiful soul

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An Indian icon that unfortunately passed away too soon!

She’s in a better place now, and she gave us some of the fondest memories and amazing performances that Indian audiences could ask us. Sri Devi lived a wonderful life and was an inspiration to millions around the world. Who could forget her stunning role in English Vinglish. She was amazing to watch and was one of the best actresses of our time. She’s been working since was very young, and she’s given so much to the Bollywood industry.

Here’s 10 things that you didn’t know about her –

#1 Sridevi started working at the age of 4 in the movie Thunaivan (1967)

With her bright expressive eyes, curly hair and a bubbly personality, she was a child artist that had gained a solid reputation back then. She was so hardworking and could play any role of any kind. She also played strong characters in movies like Bala Bharatham, Prarthanai, Nam Nadu, Babu, Badi Panthalu, and Bhakta Kumbara, when she was very young.

#2 Working through a fever

What a work ethic Sri Devi had! She had a 103-degree fever while shooting ‘Na Jaane Kaha Se’ in the movie Chalbaaz. She knew how hard the crew was working back then and wanted to push through the discomfort she felt. She had a solid work ethic and wanted to complete the project rather than push it off to the last moment. She also had to dance in the rain.

#3 She was a great singer!

Sridevi did playback for movies like Sadma(1983), Chandni(1989), Garajna (1991), Kshana Kshanam (1991) way back in the day. Her golden voice is well respected, and a lot of fans fell in love with her because of her multitalented approach!

#4 She was approached by Steven Spielberg

One of the most inconinc directors in the world wanted to case one ofhte most iconic actors in the world. Steven Speilberd, in 1993, came to visit Sri Devi for a new role in the movie Jurrasic Park. She refused the role because there wan’t much for her to do in the film. She didn’t want to take it up because she wanted to act in a movie that had a strong role in it. She didn’t want to sacrifice her commitments made in India. What a star, she was!

#5 She was the first real female superstar in Bollywood

Sri Devi has done it all, when it comes to movies. And during her peak, she was the highest paid actor in the country. She could command what she wanted because she was doing such an amazing job. Nobody else could come close to her, and she would pick the roles that she thought were good. Producers and Directors would line up everyday to try to approach her.

#6 Boney and Sri Devi met on the sets of Mr. India

Probably the most iconic movie ever made – Mr. India was the grounds for the most iconic relationship ever cemented. At that time, Boney and Sri Devi got to know each other, and Boney wanted to get more acquainted. They fell in love, and the rest became history afterwards.

#7 She was an amazing painter too!

She made a painting of Sonam Kapoor, for her role in Sawariya. She captured Sonam’s look perfectly, as she went from one brushstroke to another. She’s been captivating audiences with her visuals, and now her paintings are coming out in the mainstream media. She’s truly a gem that’s multitalented and unique.

#8 She’s made a couple’s record for most hit films

Sri Devi was one of the most popular actresses in the country at the time. She was paired with Jitendra 16 times, of which 11 have been block buster hits. This made them iconic together and were the go-to couple to be cast in every movie possible. Movies like Himmatwala, Ghar Sansaar, Tohfa and Mawwali really cemented them as a power-couple on screen.

#9 She learned Hindi to be able to do a better job in acting

Sri Devi’s Hindi wasn’t the best when she entered Bollywood for the first time. She would need the help of Naaz and Reka to dub for her. In some of her most iconic films, she needed the help of dubbing artists. This drove her to learn the language so that she could deliver stunning performances on her own. And she did.

#10 Maturity and acting skills at a young age.

Sridevi was only 13 when she played the role of Rajinikanth’s stepmom. This was for the movie Moondru Mudichu (Tamil film from 1976), and she did a wonderful job even back then. She had played numerous characters back then, and she knew that this would be a huge role for her career. So she took the leap of faith and executed the role flawlessly.