Now Only a Trillion Trees Can Save Our Planet

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We all know that pollution has caused serious damage to our world and yet we are doing very little to curb it. Pollution levels in India are sky rocketing, killing beings and are now a matter of serious concern. We really need to pull up our socks and Trees Can Save Our Planet the Earth from destruction. According to a recent study, the best solution of this grave problem is to plant trees. Having said that, it is not going to be easy to reverse the damage already done. As per an analysis by Thomas Crowther, a researcher at ETH Zurich, a whopping 1.2 trillion trees need to be planted for saving us and freeing us from the mess that we have created for ourselves.

# Trees are now the only saviour

Save Trees

To get out of this potentially disasterous situation, the only way out is by planting more and more trees. However, this goal seems too far –fetched if we look at the ever increasing statistics of destroying nature and deforestation. Global climate change has been majorly caused by deforestation. We humans are still so unbothered that even after knowing the repercussions, hundreds of forests are still being cut down for a plethora of purposes. It is shocking to realize how ignorant we have become and how we are failing to understand the disastrous aftermath of deforestation only Trees Can Save Our Planet the Earth. With unusual occurrences all across the globe such as melting of glaciers, snow turning black and toxic, extreme weather conditions; planting tree is probably our last and the most beneficial antidote. Crowther’s analysis suggests that by planting a trillion Trees Can Save Our Planet the Earth, we would be successfully cancelling out around ten years of CO2 emissions. Although a decade of damage can be dealt with by planting 1.2 trillion trees, we are yet to know what we must do for the gigantic carbon footprint post the Industrial Revolution.

# No Time to Waste

deforestation, save trees

While environmentalists are trying their best for stopping the situations from worsening, Crowther suggests that while most technological solutions are not accessible to the common public, planting trees is a great solution as each and every individual can get involved and plant a tree. This process must not be seen as something undoable or impractical. It is all upon us for carrying this forward and saving our Mother Earth. Now, we cannot afford to be so casual and careless towards nature. If this attitude of ours continues to persist, we will be doomed in the next 12 years, and not even planting trillions of Trees Can Save Our Planet the Earth. We would be standing at the cliff and there would be no return.

Initially, United Nations came up with the project ‘Billion Tree Campaign’ but following Crowther’s analysis; the project is now renamed to ‘Trillion Tree Campaign’. As of now, the project has already witnessed the planting of 17 billion trees all around the world.

The world is already in a terrible condition, it could be made slightly better if each of us hold responsibility of saving the Earth, planting more and more Trees Can Save Our Planet the Earth, curbing deforestation, and together bring back the happy days of our planet.


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