Trips Every Mom Should Take At Least Once in Her Life

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With motherhood, comes a huge baggage of responsibilities and expectations that the society wants every mother to fulfill. Juggling between husband, work, kids and friends; mothers often skip on treating themselves and taking a break from the mundane chaos of her life. Every mom should take trips every once in a while to unwind herself and to stay away from the day-to-day chores for some time. Here are five types of trips that every mom should take at least once in her life:

# A Solo Trip

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Most of us know how liberating a solo trip can be but while all the millennials keep whining about going for a solo journey all by themselves, how often do the mothers contemplate on the same thing for themselves? After becoming a mom, just the sheer thought of getting some “me time” sounds all the more appealing. No, you don’t have to plan four months in advance or make it a grand getaway. Just checking in to a local hotel for a day or two can do the trick too. This is the time when you can catch up on your sleep, eat whatever you like, stay indoors with your favourite book for as long as you want and take long walks all by yourself. You can ever go to a parlour and treat yourself by relaxing your muscles, getting a haircut or simply indulging in a lavish pedicure. Trust me, that is all you need for an awesome weekend rejuvenation!

# An All-Girls Trip


Every mom should take trips with their gal pals. Even science says that girl trips can prove to be great for your health! Don’t you know how recharged and refreshed you feel after sharing your lunch with your girl gang?  Undoubtedly, the mom life is so hectic that they often miss on catching up with their girlfriends and laughing on inside jokes, bitching about their husbands and sipping their favourite wine. A girls’ gateway is very essential for maintaining friendship, passing on the neighborhood gossip and making unforgettable memories.

# An Adventurous Getaway

solo travel Turkey

A mother’s life can be very monotonous and routine at times. However, every mom should take trips to shake things up and getting out of the rut. No, you don’t have to do something dramatic like paragliding to get your adrenaline rushing. Just step out of your comfort zone for reminding yourself who you really are, keeping the mommy status aside.
You can enroll yourself for a camping trip with strangers or participate in a marathon with your buddy. Join a Power Yoga class. Volunteer for animal welfare. Do anything, go anywhere that makes your blood pump and heart beat fast.

# A Mom-Kid Outing

San Juan, Puerto Rico is a fun spot for traveling solo with a toddler!

No matter how many kids you have, chances are that you spend most of the days rushing them to the school bus, packing their lunches and telling them to brush their teeth. How often do you actually get time to bond with them?  That is why every mom should take trips with their kids to connect with them better and making the mom-kid relationship stronger. It’s best if you take one of your children for a day out so that your attention doesn’t get divided among all your offsprings. Make it one kid at a time and indulge in fun activities, water games and child-friendly experiences to give them and yourself a break from the daily struggles of being a kid and a mom. This is going to help your kid in so many ways and the memory of this quality time would be etched in the little one’s mind for ever.

# A Romantic Trip

If your partner/spouse is in the parenting game with you, it’s not just you who requires a break. Every mom should take trips with her partner for getting time for reconnecting and uninterrupted adult conversations. Every once in a while, allow yourselves some time unhindered but the distractions of your daily lives. A little romance, a heart-to-heart chat, no dishes to do, no clothes to dry- you all need this to appreciated the relationship which your family was established upon right in the first place.

These are some of the trips that a mom must take in her life so nurturing relationships, self-care and to know herself a little more. So now that you are in the mood to travel, get your bags packed, kiss your kids bye-bye and GO!


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