Two women Completed 3825 Km Journey And Now Holds A World Record!

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Image source: happy Trips

Breaking all the stereotypical mindsets regarding women, Amrutha Kashinath and Shubra Achary, rode bike from Kanyakumari to Leh in just 129 hours, approximately 5-6 days. Well that’s what we call as badass!

They have been able to register their names in the “LIMCA Book of World Records” and have definitely setup some really high goals for the bikers. Women like them are questioning the baseless restrictions of the society right on their face. They are actually a role model for many young girls who find them being trapped in the societal norms.

According to the reports by TOI, Amrutha reveals that they never aimed to achieve this title rather, it just happened. Their aim was to complete this beautiful journey, it was later that they decided to challenge themselves and complete this ride in a limited time frame.” Amrutha in an interview to HappyTrips said that “We have covered around 2 lakh km around the country. Then we covered Bhutan and Sri Lanka. This year we are going to Mongolia.”

We should not deny with the fact that women have various notions attached to them especially when it comes to their safety. They always have to be dependent on their male companion to go anywhere, even to a nearby market. Some are afraid of travelling alone and some are just not allowed. These two women have tried to break all the stereotypes. In fact, they have been successful in breaking the most common stereotype which says that bike is meant only for boys and for girls.

In a report by HappyTrips, they are frequent travelers and have traveled to various places in the past seven years. Their trip to Leh was completely sponsored and that they took proper training for the same. Shubra said “it was not an easy ride as our only major concern was how long we should sleep?” But now as they achieved their aim they are all ready to take their other bike ride in an attempt to break some other useless notions.

All we can say is you girls are doing the most kickass job. Hats off!