Unique Bengali Foods That You Must Try This Upcoming Summer

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With the sun shining high, summer is going to arrive soon. During summers, many times, we don’t feel like eating spicy or oily food. Or you feel like trying out different and unique cuisines.

Summers make us crave food that is light on the stomach, less spicy, and that helps in keeping your body cool. So, we at Gossip kiGalliyan have got you a list of must-try Bengali delicacies that are healthy, delicious, and PERFECT for the season.

So, check out this delectable list of the famous and seasonal Bengali dishes that you must try this summer!

# Aam Dal

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Aam dal is one of the most popular dishes which is made of raw mangoes. This sour dal is extremely easy to cook and way more delicious. You can enjoy this healthy and light dal with a bowl of rice. This dal is known as tok dal AKA “KanchaAam Dal diyeToker Dal.” You can make this dal with red or yellow lentils. 

# Sukto

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Sukto is a traditional Bengali dish that is eaten before the meal. It gives a bittersweet start to your taste buds. The ingredients that are used to make this unique and traditional suktoare bitter gourd (Karela), drumsticks, brinjal, green banana, and friend lentils to give it gravy-like consistency.

Sounds quirky, but yummy, isn’t it?

# Kacha Amer Chutney

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This yet another most delicious dish that you must taste this summer. This raw mango chutney is made from raw mangoes with some sugar and mustard seeds. This Bengali delicacy is rich in flavor and also holds a pre-dessert slot. So, don’t forget to enjoy its exquisite taste in hot summers.

# AamPoraSharbat

source: https://bit.ly/2RTt3HI

This refreshing drink will, for sure, keep you and your mind cool in hot summers. The delicious taste of this drink is pretty much the same as Aam Panna, which is famous in the North. The taste of tangy raw mangoes with little sweetness makes this drink everyone’s favorite.

# Lau Die Tetor Dal

source: https://bit.ly/2Okh2sv

This is another traditional Bengali dish, which is also made in summers. Lau die tetor dal is healthy and tasty, and it is made without onion and garlic. Its super ingredients are yellow moong dal with bitter gourd, bottle gourd with some tadka of ginger, chilies, and mustard oil. This bittersweet dish goes well with a bowl of rice.

#Lau GhontoChingri Mach and Bori Die

source: https://bit.ly/2SewMyE

It is a special non-vegetarian dishthat is cooked in a proper Bengali style. It has very high water content and is very healthy too.

This makes it one of the perfect dishes to have in summers. This flavorsome Bengali dish is cooked with lauki (bottle gourd) and prawns. Interesting combination!

# KumrorChakka

source: https://bit.ly/2OpbnS2

Kumror (pumpkin) is another traditional Bengali dish made with pumpkin, black chickpeas, and potatoes. This dish easy to cook and is a perfect side-dish in summer as it takes less time to cook. KumrorChakka is a must-try dish and is bound to leave you wanting for more.

# Alu Posto

source: https://bit.ly/397iHJV

Alu Posto is a famed traditional Bengali dish. This delicious recipe relies on the flavors of potato, poppy seeds, and green chilies. The roasted flavor of the poppy paste gives a creamy texture to the gravy. Alu Posto is very easy to cook and makes a perfect side dish for your lunch or dinner.

# Misti Doi

source: https://bit.ly/2SgWlii

Another most famous Bengali delicacy! This Bengali sweet is simple to make and is rich in taste. This yogurt variation is made from plain curd and khajurgur (date palm jaggery).

The sweet, mild taste of this dessert makes it addictive. As it made of curd, it has the benefits of curd and thus a perfect dessert to have in summers.

So, if you qualify to be called Bengali cuisine connoisseurs or if you are feeling curious about it then, don’t forget to try these delicious Bengali dishes.

It’s time to bid goodbye to the winter chills and welcome summers with the amazing delectable Bengali food. What do you say, folks??


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