Wanna try Authentic Malayali food? Head to Chef Sangy’s pop up at Tabula Beach Cafe

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A real foodie would know this, that every South Indian state has distinct flavors to offer in their cuisine. And if you think South Indian food is just Idlis, Dosas and Sambhars, then my friend you haven’t tried the authentic food from Kerala. You must try out intrinsic Malayali food like Appam, Meen curry, Pachadis, and also a variety of Malabari fish, Moilees and Red meat as well. But for trying Malayali food you don’t have to visit Kerala. Now, you can enjoy these Malayali Delicacies in Delhi. We should thank a chef who has brought these authentic Malayali delicacies right here in Delhi!

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Chef Sangy, the mastermind behind this venture, loves her culture and truly loves food. She belongs to a Syrian Orthodox Christian family. She grew up tasting Malayali food. She fell in love with cooking when she was in New York for studies. She has a passion for cooking food and preparing authentic dishes from her land.

Sangy, who now lives in Goa, operates her own catering business called Southern Connection by Sangy, which serves authentic, ample and lip-smackingly delicious food from Kerala. Since the last two years, she has also pinned her gastronomic ambitions on Delhi for her first stall hosted by the Tabula Beach Café, Siri Fort.

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Her Pop-up features a wide variety of food. And many traditional Christian dishes like five different types of SpicyMutton Fry to the very traditional Hindu sadya. “Hindu Sadya feast is dish made from a collection of vegetarian dishes and it is served with rice and ghee.”

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If you love spicy food then there is a variety of tempting food for you in her menu with full repertoire of southern flavor agents like coconuts, mangoes, tamarind etc. There is also a section of light meals, aptly called as “tiffin”, this includes spice rice dumplings, banana cutlets, mutton cutlets, fried anchovies, masala egg roast, fried chicken and minced mutton. You can try these with Malabar parottas, mini dosa, uttapams, and rice.

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Sangy has also concocted a special selection of drinks, which are tempting and also have interesting names like Disco Deva, Manmooty, Silk Smitha, Bahubaali Prabhas and don’t forget to try Mmm Madhavan. Try out their mutton fry, the banana cutlet, and the fried anchovies.

So, get ready for indulging your taste buds in some authentic flavors of Malayali cuisine dished up by Chef Sangy.

Where: Tabula Beach Café, Asian Games Village Complex, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi

Timings: 12 PM – 1 AM

Price for two (approx.): Rs. 1500 + taxes


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