What colors should you wear if you have a Dusky skin tone?

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Technically, 70 percent of our population is dusky because it is a tropical country. But in India, we have a fetish for fair complexion, and being dusky is a bit of a struggle.
But now, with the changing times, the dusky complexion has received much acceptance. Several songs in Bollywood has also adored this complexion as the most beautiful one.
This warm undertone makes them look prettier and hotter. There are many dusky beauties who are creating a niche for themselves and others.
But many bronzed skin girls get confused while choosing shades that will suit them.
Though all colors do not suit dark complexion but don’t fret beauties, as we have got your back. Here are some handy tips regarding colors that you must try now.

1. Yellow

source: https://bit.ly/2UGHCyK

Yellow suits dusky skin. Yellow looks more pretty on dusky skin. This color will, for sure, make you fall in love with yourself. But do not try neon shades as they do not flatter your skin tone.

2. Cobalt blue

Just like any other color, blue also has many shades. Dark colors like royal blue or midnight blue may not look good on dusky skin tone. But this chirpy cobalt blue will enhance your beauty.
So, get ready for a drool-worthy look by donning cobalt blue!

3. Grey

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This shade is a perfect match for dusky skin color. This fashionable color will upgrade your beauty by making you look more stunning and gorgeous.
Don’t believe us? Try it out!

4. Teal Green

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This color is a low-intensity shade of green. Teal blue looks much better on bronzed skin as compared to any other skin tone. And a must shade to have in the wardrobe.
This not so typical color will make you look more amazing.

5. Red

It’s a myth that red doesn’t suit dusky skin. As red is a universal color like black and white, it suits every skin tone. The color red also flatters the dusky skin tone if this shade is worn in the right way.
So, fret not ladies before buying a red dress, this shade will look amazing on your sun-kissed skin.

6. Black

Oh black! Everyone’s favorite color. Black is a color that can look good on any skin tone and will make you look bold and sexy. Try out jet blacks or shimmering black and modify your looks.

7. Beige

This beautiful light English color will surely complement your looks. Beige significantly looks nothing but fabulous on dusky women.
So, if you like wearing western dresses, then a beautiful beige color outfit is a must-have.

8. Hot Pink

Another color that just looks prettier on dusky skin!
Hot pink is a color you can never go wrong with. So, if you have never experimented with this shade, then its time to try it out.

9. Wine Color

Wine red or deep maroon will surely complement your dusky skin. This beautiful color is a perfect shade to be worn at parties or as office-wear if you have a penchant for darker shades.
You will look superbly amazing in this color. Close your eyes and visualize!

10. White

Source: https://bit.ly/2QHb1Y3

The white shade is a color that tends to complement your beautiful dusky skin. You can wear a white colored outfit anywhere anytime without thinking for the second time.
You can also try the cream color outfits if you don’t want your look to resemble ‘Nirma’ or ‘Ujala’ white!
Try any of these color suggestions to complement your sun-kissed skin tone.
These options have been tried and tested by many of the glam models, our favorite B-town celebs, and even Hollywood celebs for that matter.
So, who has said that only fair can be lovely, when brown can look spectacular? Be ready to dazzle the day with your gifted skin tone with an apt play of color palate.