WhatsApp’s Fact Checking Service is What India Needs Right Now

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All thanks to WhatsApp, now you can read authentic news and keep all the fake rumours at bay. Recently, WhatsApp came up with a fact checking service in India for combating fake news right before the national elections. Local startup PROTO has partnered with the messaging monster for the ‘Checkpoint Tipline’ by which users can check and confirm the veracity and authenticity of the messages they receive. These messages stack up to build a “database of rumours”. Now, users can forward the message on (+91 -9643-000-888), a WhatsApp’s fact checking service in India which will check the text and respond if the content is fake, misleading, bogus, contested or real.

This step would be great for curbing fake news especially at this time when all the political parties are trying their best to tarnish the Oppositions’ reputation and boost up their own. This is for the very first time that an application has come up with a fact checking service in India.

A Great Boon for the Internet Users

WhatsApp's fact checking service

WhatsApp with more than 200 million users across India, has been receiving backlash for its inability to keep fake news at bay on the platform. Thankfully, now the WhatsApp’s fact checking service in India would keep the users away from any kind of misleading or false news and only serve them with the reality. Moreover, the service would also notify you if the content that you sent them is uncertain or not.

It is a no brainer that the crisis of fake news mostly thrives on Facebook and WhatsApp. With the high consumption of news online, the concerns are rising too. As per reports, almost six out of every ten Indians get intimidated by false news online. Also, it’s not just a problem in towns or suburban areas, hundreds of city dwellers and urban Indian still rely on whatever headlines they consume on WhatsApp.  The need of the hour is to take down fake news within seconds of them spreading out. Other sharing platforms should also incorporate such WhatsApp’s fact checking service in India for tackling inauthentic news.


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