When a girl says ‘She needs space’ Don’t be taken aback, Be prepared !

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‘Space’ at times sounds too much of a hyped concept. I am sure most of us will not be able to define ‘space’ in precise words. The guys might feel perplexed, lost or totally ‘uncalled for’ when their girl says, ‘she needs space’. You don’t need to put yourself to blame. It might not be your fault at all, just that every right doesn’t always end up with the right results. So, here is our quick guide to help you give her space when se wants it and the way she wants it!

# Times of emotional turmoil

This is a very critical time and your every step must be calculated to not land yourself in trouble. During emotional distress, your girl might ask you for space. Don’t imagine yourself as the circumcenter always. It could be because of other matters, maybe the jerky boss or a spat with a close girlfriend. But mind you, don’t just vanish indefinitely. Else expect a shoe and all sorts of stuff hurled at you the next time you appear!

# Life altering decisions

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If a girl asks for space when it comes to taking decisions which is going to completely shift her life, then literally leave her alone. You can suggest her if she asks you for any, but don’t meddle just for the sake of it. You certainly do not wish to be blamed in case of a wrong outcome. So be there, but maybe with an invisible cloak pulled over and dive in when you feel the time is right.

# Family matters

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Do not even try to venture in this forbidden territory. In this case even if a girl doesn’t ask, please give her space more than she asks for. Girl’s family is not to be messed with under any case. She might choose to be angry or unjustifiable at any moment, but your intrusion might back lash you badly.

# A fight with ‘you’

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If your girl needs space only because of a fight with you, then just pray to God to empower you with all the wisdom to sail you through this problem. At times, she really could be asking you for a time off to gather her scattered pieces. But it could even imply that she needs you badly despite asking you for space. Sometimes a girl just needs that kind of a pampering!

# Too much clinginess

Every relationship must go through crests and troughs. At times, a girl might just not want too much of closeness or babying. Its just a temporary phase and you must give her time to settle down. It could be just a bad time or some nagging subconscious anxiety which will fade away with time and she will be back to herself soon. Again, be there but at one hand distance!

# Physical proximity

Every girl might not be willing for too much of physical proximity whether it comes to friendship or a relationship. A guy needs to be very cautious while exploring this terrain. Every girl is different and will appreciate closeness only to an extent. Venture only that far to not return with burnt fingers!


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