When Rahul Hugged Modi Why The Internet Stopped For A Moment

Rahul hugged Modi
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Have you been Modified yet? Rahul certain is. Rahul Gandhi was such a fan of ModiJi that he went and gave him a huge impromptu. This was one of the funniest moments in India, thereby cementing Rahul’s position in the hearts and minds of our nation. Whether it was a tactical ploy or a genuine gesture, it certainly made a lot of heads turn.
Guess what? Rahul Gandhi also got married. He said he’s married to his party. Isn’t that a clever trolling remark?

Rahul hugged Modi
If you don’t have your cringe goggles on yet, then you should put them on right now


“Mai aapke andarr se pyaar nikalunga”… Some of the most poetic lines we’ve heard all year.
Here’s one –

That look of sheer horror and “I’m so done with this dude” is perfect. It’s the perfect example of how the older generation sees snowflake millennials.
Here’s another –
When two worlds collide

The picture would have been more iconic if RajniKant was there too. Missing him!
Throwback to a classic meme –

Coming in strong with that last word –

Is this the end of India’s Batman and Robin? Sherlock and Watson? Chacha Chowdhari and Sabu? What else will the internet gift us this year?


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