With 66 medals and a lot of proud gold winners, India has successfully made a mark in the international sporting community again.

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Image Source: thehindu.com

Everybody’s cheering India forward! We’ve come so far as a nation and we’ve won many awards thanks to all the efforts of brands, governments, and sports communities. We’ve become one of the hottest nations to follow when it comes to sports, and we’re growing each year in our medal count. Not only are we improving overall, we’re showing signs of improvement year over year.

We finished our grand total at Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (CWG) with an impressive total of 66 medals. 26 of them were golds! We’re getting there when it comes to competition and we’re becoming more aware of how things can change nation-wide.

The Indian table-tennis team won 8 gold medals out of the total rally. They’re better than ever and learning from the greats as more inputs are given from outside coaches.

Another key highlight was given by 18-year old weightlifter who was the youngest Indian athlete to win one in the 69kg event. His name is Deepak Lather. The Indian badminton team won a total of 7 medals, making them one of the most impressive groups in the game’s history.

As the iconic stories go, MC Mary Kom won gold in the women’s 45-48-kilogram boxing tournament, and Sushil Kumar won a third gold medal in the men’s 74-kilogram wrestling event. This has been one of the most shining moments in India sports history, giving it a brighter light in the country’s history.

So how did it all happen?

It’s all because of the support of various institutions and stakeholders. The sponsors made some of the brightest talents meet superstars in various sports. There were adulation and enough training provided to them. There was also support from the government, with Haryana taking the lead when it comes to compensation.

Gold winners from Haryana will get INR 1.5 crore, with silver winners getting INR 75 lakhs, and Bronze INR 50 lakhs. It’s one of the best ways to show that you care about your athletes and that you want to have a good show of the performance.

India is all set to become one of the top nations in the international sporting community.