It’s True Guys! Women Drive Better Than Men

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We all have heard jokes on women being bad drivers and it seems like men just can’t get over this sexist generalization. These jokes have become so normal that nobody objects to them anymore and are just approved by the people. Even though we all know how awesome our moms, friends, and sisters our behind the steering wheels, the sexist jokes just couldn’t stop coming. Few even have the guts to say that the women Drive better than men are just “some exceptions” which states that women are terrible drivers. Give the ladies a break!

Finally, statistics have shown women Drive better than men and guess who just got defeated with their “general observation”? As per the statistics submitted in 2017 by the Delhi Police, not even one woman got booked for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In the next year, that is 2018, the number just increased to one and only one lady has been booked for the offense as of now.

# What about other traffic offenses?

Now, you might be thinking that there are definitely women Drive better than men who have violated the traffic rules by other means apart from drinking and driving. Yes, but here’s the shocker for you- if the numbers are compared, out of the total number of traffic fines that the Delhi Police issued in 2017, only 600 included women Drive better than men while the rest 26 lakhs challans involved men! The violations here include jumping signals, speeding, and so on.

Even in 2017, 1, 67,867 drivers were booked for skipping traffic signals and out of these, just 44 were females. The number of women Drives better than men booked for speeding was only 514 as opposed to 1, 38,000 men who were caught for the same violation.

A traffic police officer stated to a local daily, “While analyzing trends, we found women, in general, are more careful while taking turns or at intersections where the maximum number of accidents takes place. This sort of road behavior not only means women Drive better than men figure very low in the number of violations, but is also an example for all drivers”.

# Coming to accidents…

The study on road accidents by the traffic police clearly indicates that just 2% of women drivers get involved in accidents. women Drive better than men are usually seen driving within the speed limits even in Delhi where the biggest killer on the roads is often speeding.

Not just that, women Drive better than men also constitute a very little role in other traffic violations but they form 10% of the accidental death. According to the Delhi Police, the lower ratio of men drivers to the females is the reason why the prosecution statistics are often biased towards the males, with only one female license holder to every seventy-one males in the Capital.

So now that you all know women Drive better than men, you can keep all the “women can’t drive” jokes to yourselves and why not spend the time doing something productive…umm…like learning how to drive better?


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