Yellow Is The Hottest New Trend Here’s How To Wear It makeup story

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Yellow is in! And it’s back for good. Yellow has been the latest trend to hit the markets and our Instagram feeds. We’re absolutely in love with Yellow and here’s why – there’s so much you can do with it. It’s the summertime and we’re definitely out there to make a bold statement. GossipKiGalliya believes in staying ahead of the fashion game, and we’re definitely bringing it out there with Yellow. Yellow has been one of the most versatile colors in the market ever since we fell in love with peach.

The best part about Yellow is that it can be worn in so many ways. It’s an essential color to have any time you’re thinking about changing it up or going out to a nightclub. Think of all the selfies where everyone’s wearing black and you’re rocking yellow and shining bright.

That’s the other part about why Yellow’s booming this time around. It’s one of the brightest colors that are available in the spectrum and it shines through any dark spaces. You’re instantly noticed when you wear yellow and you look drop dead gorgeous.

Start with the eye-liner

Who doesn’t love experimenting with their liner? We do! We love trying out the latest liners and trends on Instagram and YouTube. The best way to figure out whether you’re in the cool crowd or not is how well you can experiment.

Eyeliners can be the perfect way to accentuate a look that you’re going for. Everybody from Kylie Jenner to Nicki Minaj is rocking the yellow liner and experimenting with looks that are from the future.

A great liner can mean a world of difference when you’re trying to stand out and blend in. Go along the lashes or color in your lids if you want to get a better look. Whether you’re going for the upper eyes or the lower line, you can add some sunshine to your look instantly with yellow.

A dash of inner corners

If you’re subtle about your fashion taste and you want to go for something different, try going for a dash on your inner corners. Your eyes can be the gateway to your personality and add a bit of yellow to the corner makes all the difference. You can really make your eyes pop without going too over the top about your fashion.

This works even when you’re trying something different and adding just a dab of yellow to your eyes. You don’t want to put too much as you might end up smudging a lot of the look that you’re going for. Inner corners are the hottest new trend that’s sweeping fashion week this season.

Yellow and Gold Rouge

Guess what else you can do with yellow? Turn it into gold! With the new line up of yellow-gold rouge and foundations, you can really mix things up and doll yourself up. A good collection of rouge options is at the core of every fashionista’s line-up. You don’t want to get caught using the same rouge that everyone uses.

You also want to experiment with different combinations with yellow-gold. These will really help bring your inner beauty out as your express yourself through colors and options. You don’t want to limit your experiences in life, and yellow adds that little bit of fun to your everyday makeup routine.