Zomato Should Change Its No Cooking December To Pata Nahi Shayad Jhoota Aaye

Zomato delivery boy Viral Video
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A video of Zomato Delivery Boy is in circulation in which he is seen eating food from the parcel that  was meant to be delivered. As soon as the video was posted it broke the internet. People started questioning Zomato for the kind of service they are delivering, trolls got busy with what they do best, trolling. But, there is no denying that we all thought about how we don’t wanna think ‘did this happen to me too?’

Now as we don’t really know what led to the food tampering, let’s give this guy a benefit of doubt. Here are the few scenarios of what might have happened (just assuming).

  1. The food must be for a really mean customer and this poor guy just got his harmless revenge on him. Like you don’t mess with the waiter for he might spit in your food, similarly you don’t mess with the delivery boys as they might eat your food and then deliver.
  2. Old Habits Die Hard: He is a descended of the royal khansahab and cannot let go of the traits he inherited from the family.
  3. Because ‘Bhai ka Swag Hai’ attitude can make you do crazy things for no apparent reason.

We understand the fact that he made a mistake (by getting caught) and can let it go eventually (because someone somewhere is gonna do a much bigger blunder and we are gonna be after them). But what we don’t know is how to calm down that voice which is constantly screaming in the back of our heads to think how many times our food have been tampered.

Here are few tweets that hit Zomato where it hurts most.


Zomato we love you because we are a lazy lot, doesn’t know how to cook or doesn’t want to cook but then again we would like our food to reach us without being tampered.


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